At Lemons and Steel our mission is to build long-term customer relationships by providing our customers with quality products and fashion advice at a reasonable price. We strive to be a place where all women can find an answer to the everyday question ‘What should I wear?’.

With so many stores to pick from we always felt overwhelmed going to find something that was unique to us, not to mention was affordable AND good quality. From this Lemons and Steel was born giving fashionista's and stylista's alike a place to shop and feel at home. We believe that no matter your size you should feel good in what you wear and what you wear should completely reflect the uniquness of you. 


We are committed to selling great products and providing exceptional service to all of our customers. We work hard at keeping up with the latest in changing styles and keeping the shopping experience much like that of looking through an older sisters closet (without the risk of getting caught). We believe that a store truly for women is one that acts with integrity, keeps prices low and quality high, and takes time to help give back to the community of women. 

If you have found yourself aimlessly browsing not sure what will look good on you, feel free to contact us with a little information about yourself and your phone number or preferred method of contact and she will get back to you soon!


So welcome! And Happy Shopping :)

For all of you wondering where and what Lemons and Steel means...well it is a simple story!  Lemons and Steel is a family run by two sisters (Kerry and Nicole) and their mother (Donna).  Now if that isn't the recipe for success and stress!! Yes we still all get along!  Lemons was at one time a nickname for Leontowicz, and Steel is Nicole's married name.

We are very happy you are willing to support our local pop up boutique...we will do our best to make your shopping fun!