Closet Cleaning 101

Closet Cleaning 101

 It is time ladies - -time to clean out,  to throw out and to drag out those outdated, overworked and over stretched clothes and that means that worn-out bra that actually has only one side with a wire in it - -yes I do have one of those!    I am not talking about the recent winter purchases I am talking about those pieces older than your youngest child; winter clothes that have served you well in the past.  Check out my past blog on cleaning closets -- and be ready to jump in and have a great time letting go.   The absolutely best news is that cleaning out the closet doesn't cost you anything... but it sure leaves you feeling good.

Here are 3 sure fire ways to lighten the load in your closet: 1.  Check the expiry date of the clothing.  Yes I realize that the expiry date isn't stamped on the clothing but trust me - -there is an expiry date.  The expiry date shows up in the lack of shape, the lack of color and ultimately the lack of fit.  Let's face it - -only a man (or maybe just my husband) can wear something he bought 5 years ago and think it fits the same way today as it did 5 years ago.  Good news is our bodies are constantly changing.  Bad news - - the change doesn't mean we are getting thinner!  Enough said.  

2.  Ask your daughter  or sister or a good friend.  Somehow when we get older we lose all sense of what looks good.  We stick to the traditional 'I have been wearing this style/color for years' mentality.  A good closet cleaning requires a strong willed woman asking us 'why would you want to keep that?' or in the case of my daughters "Are you really going to wear that?"  Throw it into the 'discard from the closet' black garbage bag. (PS. this is often easier done with a glass of wine... just don't re-open the bags after)  

3.  Take a look at pinterest, instagram or at a current magazine (no - the magazine from 2010 sitting at your doctor's office doesn't count).  I am not talking about trying to dress like the models and wearing the latest thing off of the Milan runways.  I mean looking at what is happening today for styles.  If you think that your 1980's track suit with the Adidas stripe flowing down the leg is current check out the latest in runners' fashions.  If you are still donning the same pair of stirrup pants from the 70s you might want to consider an upgrade.  If you think the outfit you wore in the 90s makes you look young and hip - -well you might have to reconsider it.  Styles and trends eventually make their way back into style but unless it is a truly great vintage piece (some of the vintage pieces need to stay in the past and not resurface) it might be time to upgrade. Style is about how you make it yours.  The trends out for spring are just calling to be played up in fun ways.  

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