I just watched an incredible video by Nike about greatness.  Incredible for a couple of of the reasons being they weren't trying to sell me anything.  No wait...they were trying to sell something.  They were selling greatness.


As I watched through the video I thought of the 50+ years I have spent thinking that I wasn't great.  I always thought the greatness was measured by the size of the audience around you, or that greatness could be measured and recorded and entered into some kind of magic book where greatness stats are kept. I thought greatness was always for someone else living somewhere else doing something else.  Today I learned something.

every champion was once a contender that refused to give up

I learned that greatness is not measured by your following or your bank account.  It is measured by what is inside of you.  It is measured by that thing inside of you that nags you to do your best.  It is not a gift reserved to the few DNA recipients who were lucky enough to be chosen.  It is not unique to any class or race or gender.  Greatness is something we are all capable of achieving.


The pursuit of greatness lives in us each day.  That greatness isn't measured but rather just is as we are.  It can be something as as simple as being a great card player, long distance runner, pie maker or listener.  It is a feeling that we get when we know we have done the best we can do - -that is greatness.


As I watched the video I thought of the wasted minutes, hours, days and years I have spent thinking I was not great and not good.  It is a struggle that keeps creeping back into my life and zapping my energy.  It cripples me along with my fears of not being good enough and not being great.  Great was not even in my vocabulary....I was still struggling with good.


This is a promise I make to not only myself but to all I come in contact with.  I am good. I am enough. I am me.  That is where greatness sits.  It sits between being enough  and feeling like I am enough.  I don't need to have a large following, I don't need to have gold, or silver or diamonds.  Just being me is enough.  That is where my pursuit of greatness begins....just being me.


Leslie L

Thank you for your blog. Words and wisdom to reflect about accepting and appreciating the greatness inside ourselves. “I am good. I am enough. I am pursuit of greatness begins….just being me.”

Leslie L
Lynne P

An inspiration and gentle reminder that we all are unique and special gifts from God and all have an abundance of richness to share. One never knows which special moments when you have touched another life making a positive difference for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing.

Lynne P

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