5 Not So Basic Basics

This fall revamp your wardrobe with these 5 not so basic basics. Mix and match them to help create your favourite look.

1. Statement Jacket 

This jacket will instantly change up any outfit to create a stunning memorable look. 
The buttons and details on this jacket are sure to be the envy of all your friends.

2. Leggings
Who doesn't love wearing their leggings around? Class up your usual legging look by pairing it with one of these four great options!

3. Sweater
A sweater that looks great, is warm, and seems to hug you? Yes please! 

4. Little Black Dress
A dress that never quits. It is a little black dress with a too cute for words button neckline and on top of that POCKETS!

5. Bamboo Top
Finally a breathable layer-able top that is bamboo soft. You will absolutely love yours!

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Allison McCaffrey

I came to spruce meadows at Christmas to buy some of your black bamboo leggings but you were sold out. The sales person said to email you to find out when they would be restocked. They are the ones with the extra wide top band. I think I might have even gotten a tall length (I am 5’11"). I got them at teachers convention and love them. I see in your site you have svelte leggings but I don’t think they are the same. Please advise. Thanks!

Allison McCaffrey

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