My Kind of Shopping

 I absolutely love shopping online!  Oh wait...not shopping as in purchasing online but rather browsing online.  I have browsed through so many websites that I wish web sites would have frequent browser points.  I would cash in big time!  So to overcome my lack of confidence in the online purchasing department, I have written up six  reasons I have for actually buying online.


  1.  Clothes... when I online shop I don't have to be a fashion diva.  Nope I can wear pjs or sweats without fear!  I have seen enough videos of Wal-Mart shoppers to know that there will always be someone around with a camera video taping me while I shop.  My biggest fear is that Clint and Stacey will show up from What Not To Wear!

  2. Crowds...or worse than that people that you know. Sometimes I just want to shop alone.  I don't want a customer service representative talking at me like they are my friend.  They are not my friend, they want to make a sale.  Occasionally when I am shopping I run into people I know.  I don't know about you but I do get nervous when I look into my cart and I have a package of unmentionables that are  there to collect the unthinkable thing that happens as I get older.  I know some of you know what I am talking about. The embarrassment of the cart contents!

  3. Time...when I shop online I have time.  No one is following me, no one is pressuring me to decide or looking at me sideways as I ponder over life changing decisions  I have to make when shopping. Husbands just don't get it!   I mean I ever have enough time to decide on the color I want when I am in a store?  Not usually.  But I am one of the lucky ones.  My husband will not enter a women's clothing store with me. He tells me the sound of the hangers moving on the racks is life threatening to his sensitive hearing.  Instead he waits in the car doing what he does best - -sleeping.  When I shop online I never have to worry.  He can sleep and I can shop...not one hanger moves! 

  4. Unwanted opinions...when I shop online there is just me!  I have two daughters who, unlike their mother, have very strong fashion opinions.  When I shop with them I get the advice that a 20 something feels compelled to give a 50 something mother.  You know the words, "That is what grandma wears", or "That looks old lady-ish"  Again I am 50 something and grandma dresses way better than I do.  Shopping online lets me order what I want without fear of judgement.  My daughters find it hard to believe I knew how to dress before they were born!

  5. Living on the edge...I am a 50 something woman!  When I shop online, complete the order and the package arrives with some great looking clothes I feel like I have won the lottery!  I have conquered the fear of online shopping.  I have emerged and blossomed into a hip new consumer.  I might be 50 something but for me online shopping makes me feel like a 40 something!  Wahooo!

  6. The filled up cart!  Yes this is the absolutely best reason to shop online.  I get to fill my cart with the latest fashions without any hassle.  All I need is a few hours, a few glasses of wine and a credit card.  The rest is child's play. shopping for me! 


Remember years ago, waiting for the Sears Christmas catalogue to show up?  This way...this online much more fun! 


Happy shopping!

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