Gluten Free Cherries

Ah...summertime and farmers' markets!  I really enjoy going to our local farmers' market on Saturday mornings.  You can usually find me scouting around the booths, enjoying the sights, the smells and of course the sounds.  This Saturday I was enthralled with a fruit salesman.  He was truly enjoying his job of selling cherries!  I could hear someone yelling "Come and get your cherries.  Fresh cherries.  The best you have ever tasted.  All of my cherries are gluten free!"  I have to admit it was the gluten free sales pitch that propelled me to stop and buy some of the cherries.  His sales job was pure joy! The ability to take the average or even the mundane and turn it into a smile takes real joy!


I recently had to make a business call to an entrepreneur business woman.  She wasn't available so her answering machine kicked in.  I listened to the usual rambling of "Hi there this is Janet.  Sorry I am not available to take your call...." but that is where the ordinary turned into the extraordinary.  She went on to say that is probably out shopping with friends, or having coffee with friends or fighting for world peace.  I left a message and hung up smiling.  That was joy! 

I joined an online course about finding joy in what you wear. Now I have to admit I was very skeptical about the whole endeavour.  Joy in what I wear...that was quite a pitch for me.  I joined because I thought it would help me with our company.  Little did I know that it would change the way I see what I wear. After joining the group and journeying with some incredible ladies I learned there is joy in being myself. Now when I choose my clothes in the morning I find myself smiling...and sometimes I even laugh....that is joy!


What I learned so far will be with me forever.  Joy is the ability to produce a smile either for yourself or for others.  I am still working on my voice message for my phone but I want to be anything but boring.  I want joy in my everyday life.  Phone me and listen to my phone message or drop by for some gluten free cherries!!


Onward to great things!

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