The Truth about Kindness

I struggle with acts of kindness. I don't mean that I don't do anything kind or I am not a kind person, I mean doing an act of kindness pushes me out of my comfort zone. I read about people doing extraordinary things that are life changing for them and for others. I sit and think that maybe I could do something that will change someone else's life. Then I feel overwhelmed. There is so much to do and how can one simple act make a difference?
My friend Helen is an act of kindness person. She treats everyone in her path with love and with intention. She works with new to Canada individuals who are in need of more than belongings. They long for companionship, for purpose and for value. Helen gives all of that and more. Helen has bought bus passes, paid for sport club fees, and purchased gifts for families. She recently told me she went and paid for some high school grads to have their hair and makeup done professionally. She had found grad dresses for all of them and now they are ready to celebrate with their school community, and with their families. She doesn't advertise what she does, she never asks for a thank you, she just does it. She told me that God had provided for her and her family (she is a single mom on a fixed income) and it is up to her to give to others. That is gratitude!  
One thing I know about women is the level of gratitude and kindness we share with not only our small world but also with the larger world. I listen to the news about all the terrible things that are happening in the world and I think is there nothing we are grateful for? Is there nothing that is happening in the world that shows acts of kindness? Then I think of the many, many women, like Helen, who don't do world changing acts of kindness but rather do small acts of kindness with love and with gratitude that change lives. They are not in the news, they are not giving interviews. They are too busy. They embody what it means to be woman today!
Mother Teresa talks about a small act of kindness making a difference. Kindness begins with gratitude. I have a few people who text me about gratitude. They each see something in their life they are grateful for and acknowledge it. Their simple act of kindness. their simple act of sharing what they are grateful for starts my day filled with gratitude and with joy. My day takes on a different color, and a different feel. Send me your number and I will text you what I am grateful for each day. I know acts of kindness will follow!
Onward to great things!

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