Mirrors are everywhere.  They stand in our bathrooms and bedrooms, looking for that moment when they can take control.  They arm themselves with a reflection sometimes too powerful for words.  Ok here is the real deal...mirrors are not power.  They cannot decide, encourage or deflate.  They are inanimate, no brain no feelings. STOP giving them power!


 We have seen women crumble in defeat as they look at themselves in the mirror.  Women who walk around looking beautiful take one look in the mirror and crumble.  They see the flaws, the lumps, the bumps.  The list of flaws continues on and on and on.  STOP!  The mirror is nothing.  I have stood beside hundreds of women as they look in the mirror.  They become slaves to an image, a perception of their flaws.  Women who look incredible in an outfit look in the mirror and trust the inanimate view of the mirror more than the comments of others.  One particular woman comes to mind.   She tried on a jacket that looked stunning on her.  Her eyes and her complexion and her soul shone.  She looked and looked in the mirror.  People passing by commented as she stood there at how beautiful she looked.  She asked everyone if she looked good, then turned back to the mirror.  The mirror's words were the only words she heard...she heard about the lumps, bumps and flaws.  When do we begin trusting others and ignoring what the mirror says to us?


The mirror we look at has received years and years and years of training by our flaws.  STOP!  Change the training program.  Use the mirror as a window to what others see.  Look at the smile, the eyes, the soul.  I am not suggesting we ignore what we see.  I say when we look in the mirror ignore the perception of the flaws.  See the real you - the you we see!

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