A New Feel Good Challenge!

Why don’t we see ourselves the way others see us?


Have you ever had someone meet you for the first time and see nothing but your true honest potential? They tell you things like you are so beautiful, or caring, or kind. Why then don’t we see that when we look at the mirror? I know myself I see areas that are in dire need of improvement. I don’t see the infectious smile or kind eyes. We really are our worst critics.


How do we get out of our own headspace and live beautifully with each of our gifts shinning for the world to see? I have started to look at March as my month to see me. To see myself the way my nephew sees me, as the person he could stare at and giggle with for hours. I want to be able to see the girl I know I used to be and still am. I am taking time out from my busy life to just be present. To take those moments where I am stuck in traffic or waiting for an attachment to download at work as stolen moments meant for me to focus on me.


We need to start living the way others see us, to be full of life, ideas and opinions on what really matters to us. To stand behind our convictions and be the force that can and will change the world for better.


This is my challenge to each of you this month:

Take those moments where you find yourself unexpectedly waiting this month to check in with yourselves, take a breath and say a quick you go girl or whatever you need to hear in that moment. Let yourself become present in that moment and then continue on with your day as you normally would.


We are all going to try it here and we hope you join us and let us know how it goes! We might be back next month with another “Feel Good Challenge”!

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