Leggings and You!

Real women can wear leggings...yes that means you!
First of all welcome to our first blog! We are excited to share what we know, what we have learned and what we think! Please check back often for our women-inspired blogs!
Yes--real women can and should wear leggings. This I know to be true...anyone can wear leggings if they follow a few rules! First things first though ladies - -get a GREAT bra...a bra that supports and pushes those lovelies up to where they need to be...where they were intended to be. Defy gravity and let those lovelies shine! I have helped many a woman who is worried that she can’t wear leggings when really the eyes don’t even descend that far...the eyes stop at her lovelies as they free fall. The leggings will look even better on you with the correct bra and the correct top!
Leggings are to be worn with tunic tops, long sweaters, and long jackets. Choose a top that covers your backside and at least half way down your thigh. If you are like me and have a few extra pounds, be careful with the top you choose. Look for tops that give you that hourglass shape… with your new bra it shouldn’t be that hard achieve now! Choose a top that fits through the bust and falls without hugging in the wrong places! Even if you are younger or model thin, no one wants to see your butt in those leggings, after all they aren’t pants! Find yourself a classy tunic top or a longer Neon Buddha or Leopards and Roses jacket. These are great pieces that can be used with leggings, jeans or even skirts! (Check our store to see which tunic tops and longer jackets are available). Your leggings accent a great top - they are not the focus of the outfit - you are the focus!  
Do not be afraid to wear leggings. Remember they are not meant to be pants, jeans or workout attire. They are a stylista statement! They show off the curves of the legs, and project confidence. Wear them with style and show off those sexy legs!! Choose the color of the leggings carefully! Only wear brightly patterned leggings if they are age, event, and style appropriate.

Leggings should be worn with tall boots, short boots, flats, or heels. Please - -no running shoes no matter how cute they are!
Most importantly, make sure the leggings, the top and accessories you choose exude class and grace. Never let your clothing outshine you!  And always remember
“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren

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